On the 14-th February pizzeria Napulè was affiliated in Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (Association of True Neapolitan Pizza). Association was created in 1984 to preserve the original tradition of Neapolitan pizzaiolo and to suppress speculations of using name “true Neapolitan pizza”. The Association is a non-commercial organization and so it is not possible to “buy” the membership. The candidate has to match a number of requirements: wood-burning oven, proper ingredients, technology of preparation of the dough and baking of the pizza, mastership of pizzaiolo. After in-depth analysis of the working process done by the commission of Association, pizzeria Napulè has received the right to call its pizza as “true Neapolitan”. We are very proud for being responsible for the appearance of Ukrainian flag on the web-site of the Association.

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